A 15 year old version of myself woke up one day with the goal of climbing to Sefton Bivouac and then sacling the Footstool. No, I didn't stutter, 15 year old me. Some joked that I was suffering from 'delusions of granduer', I had no drivers license, relatviely no independence but what I did have was the will. I organised my itinerary, gear and food and months later set out to Aoraki, Mount Cook National Park, 800km away from home.
Before attempting the climb to Sefton Bivouac I spent a couple of nights traversing the Hooker Lake. During this time I came across a number of people finishing the Ball Pass. It is safe to say that I got quite a few odd looks and curious folk approached me to make sure I wasn't lost. I did however meet a young man from Argentina who was incredibly supportive and shared a bunch of intriguing stories from around the globe. 

I started the climb at the easy time of 10:20am. When I started I was staring head first into a sea of mist. 
To be continued at a later date.

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